Guide to the animal species of Southern Africa

Once in flight the kori bustard usually disappears over the nearest hill and lands again several kilometres away. The manner in which the kori bustard holds its bill up at a slight angle gives it a rather superior look. They are a silent and shy species of bird, and usually seen on their own, sometimes in pairs, but seldom in flocks of more than 40 birds. It is a popular game bird, being hunted by predators such as jackals and martial eagles, as well as man. The female lays two dull green, brown-flecked eggs on the bare ground kori bustards do not make use of nests and she does all the incubating until the eggs hatch after four to five weeks the male will on occasion stand guard in the vicinity.

The beetle bores into the soft, ripe flesh of almost any fruit apricots, peaches, plums and other fruit to extract the juices. Some fruit beetles will enter beehives in search of honey, and they also destroy wasp nests. Other members of the fruit beetles family, feed on tree sap. However, some of these species are considered to be beneficial one of them feeding on the poisonous yellow aphids found in milkweed plants, another feeding on the soft brown scale insects on citrus trees. The long, curved-back teeth of both upper and lower jaws have earned this species its common name. These needlesharp teeth have evolved to penetrate the hard, smooth scales of the lizards of the skink family that are its major prey.

The Cape Wolf Snake is rather sluggish and submits to handling without much fuss. It is not a suitable captive because of its specialised way of life and diet. The species is restricted entirely to the eastern half of South Africa, apart from an isolated finding near Mossel Bay. There is a distinct sub-species - multimaculatum - occurring in northern Namibia, and the sub-species - vermiculatum - is found in eastern Zimbabwe and the central parts of Mozambique. The Cape wolf snake is found in the savannah regions of northern and central Namibia; most of Botswana (apart from the arid south west); Zimbabwe; Mozambique; Natal; Transvaal; Orange Free State and the eastern Cape.

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