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The region boosts a well established tourism ifrastructure of excellant accommodation establishments offering a diverse range of activities and guided battlefield tours. The main area of interest for guided tours and safaris, is the history of the Zulu Kingdom from the early days of and King Shaka Zulu to the Zulu War of 1879 - of note are the great battles of Isandlwana and Rorkes Drift. Also of interest to is the Anglo Boer War of Safaris and Tours .

Although it is not often seen, the Burchell's coucal is quite common in its habitat areas of the more moist regions of southern Africa. They are usually seen in pairs as they forage for food in the undergrowth. Burchell's coucals feed on snails, frogs, lizards, nestling birds and other small moving animals. They have a floppy flight style, and may be seen as they move from one thicket to another. When on the ground, they are good runners. The female lays three or four white eggs that can be seen through the side entrance. The incubation period is between 14 and 18 days, and the chicks develop their proper plumage at about three weeks, after which they leave the nest. The Burchell's coucal has a black head, neck and tail. The back is chestnut and the underparts are creamy white in colour. They are similar to the white-browed coucal, which has white eyebrows and white streaks on the crown and mantle, and the green coucal, which is smaller, has a yellow bill, dull green upperparts and a long green tail.

The cardinal woodpeckers feed on insect larvae, mainly that of boring beetles, and they use their bills to drill into wood in order to get to their prey. They will also tap strongly and audibly on a branch when displaying. The cardinal woodpeckers are the most common members of the woodpecker family, and they are found in almost any habitat where there are trees. They are generally found in pairs, but may join up with other species in order to form a foraging group.

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